Hot 26 Yoga

Heat level: 105 degrees

Hot 26 Yoga is a Horizon Hot Yoga signature class that was inspired by the Bikram yoga method. This fixed series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises was designed for whole body health…you will work every muscle, joint, and ligament through the 60 or 90 minute versions of these classes. Every posture is based on natural range of motion…nothing is beyond your grasp. Because the series of postures are the same every class, you will find challenge and reward in being able to work deeply on your form in each posture. The room is silent (no music), giving you the opportunity to focus only on the instruction of the teacher and the connection to your mind and body. This moving meditation will build focus, strength, and especially determination. And yes, you will come to love the sweat! You will be in awe of what your body can truly do if you practice regularly.