Kids Yoga

Heat level: no heat

Age/experience level: Ages 5 – 11

This class combines everything that is great about yoga…balance, strength training, enjoyable movement, meditative calmness…and adds a ton of fun. Our kids enjoy learning about yoga and also ask us regularly for time to meditate. If you thought your 5 to 11 year old would NEVER ask you if he/she could have a few minutes to meditate, bring them to our class, and experience the wonder of what yoga can do for kids. In addition to yoga, we play games, make crafts, and share feelings in a safe space. Sometimes our adult students look in the room with envy as they watch the innocence and sheer joy of our kids class. Kids who practice yoga in the room experience benefits in school, sports, and life in general…they are true examples of the real yoga that happens off the mat.