Rocket Yoga

Heat level: 87 degrees

Age/experience level: Ages 12 and up; beginner to advanced

Rocket Yoga is rooted in the traditional Ashtanga Yoga but adds a progressive approach, non-traditional and lots of fun!  Rocket Yoga is one of the original power yoga practices.  You will enjoy the workout, especially building upper body strength.  And you still get all the benefits of a traditional yoga class…calm, meditative state in a community of yogis.   The term “Rocket Yoga” was derived by founder Larry Schultz to describe a practice intended to “get you there faster” by combining the primary, intermediate, and advanced series from Ashtanga Yoga and sequencing them around the body’s joints to create an uplifting effect, that purifies, strengthens, develops flexibility and stamina and a feel-good energy, so you can feel happier and more alive.  Give it a try and watch the transformation!