Sacred Geometry Vinyasa

Heat level: 87 degrees

Age/experience level: Ages 12 and up; beginner to advanced

Love a great Vinyasa class? Enjoy a unique twist on this type of Yoga. Created by world-famous yogi Ben Sears through years of exploration, this vinyasa yoga is rooted in the belief that every body is different and therefore deserves a yoga that uses universal proportions of the human body as its measuring system. This yoga is designed so that every body type can find their own proper alignment within the flow of asanas. Imagine knowing you are walking into a class that is tailored perfectly to the way you move so that your mind can sit back and watch! Talk about the perfect moving meditation. Come experience this fun class as you honor your body’s uniqueness. You can expect spiritual and emotional growth, as you strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility, and yes, give yourself an allover great workout. “Be You” with this class and watch the long-term benefits. Come play with us!