COVID-19 Response

Safety is our number one concern at Horizon Hot Yoga. We have taken the following measures in accordance with government directives and our own strict COVID procedures:

* Students must wear masks in our studio until they get to their mats.
* We are operating at well under 50% capacity. We distance each person in our yoga rooms at least 6 feet, according to CDC guidelines.
* We use PURE Hard Surface as our cleaning agent. This is a hospital-grade cleaner with an impressive “kill list” of bacteria and viruses.
* We clean our rooms in between every yoga class, and the full studio is cleaned thoroughly every day.
* Our staff is masked at all times except for when our teachers are actually conducting a class.
* We are not currently using showers or renting mats and towels.

If you have any questions on our COVID policies, please contact Mary Von Ahnen, co-owner, at (469) 226-4721