Persephanie Quimby: Yoga Instructor
I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for almost 15 years.  I was a dancer and distance runner – friends from both camps suggested I try a class.  I instantly loved it; it is the combination of those two passions and the mind/body connection I found has changed my life.
Triangle is currently my favorite posture – although my “favorite” is always on rotation depending on what’s going on in my life.  The perfect marriage between my heart and my lungs is what makes it my favorite posture.  So many postures take years to connect to – to actually feel what’s happening in the body as you do them.  I’ve always felt the strength and stretching that happens during Trikonasana, but the current state of my body and my practice have allowed me to connect with the full body stretching and strengthening while experiencing the heart and lung connection. I LOVE it!
Advice I would offer to new students approaching the practice: Seek new opportunities for yourself – your personal growth, ways of looking at things and your determination to live a full life.  Resiliency isn’t genetic or fixed – get on your mat and impress yourself with how much you can do!