About Us

Horizon Hot Yoga is a community of people on a journey through life with yoga, exploring the depths of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We welcome you to a place of friendship and self-realization. Come discover your own horizon and let us support your journey.

Horizon Hot Yoga is dedicated to helping students meet their goals, wherever they are in their journey toward greater health. The studio is 3,450 square feet of possibility…we are all about exploration and learning.

Owners Mike and Mary Von Ahnen started Horizon Hot Yoga as students. They are not teachers. It is unique in the yoga community that studio owners are not first teachers. 

Our single-minded passion and life dream at Horizon Hot Yoga is to support our student community.

In our two yoga rooms, we offer a variety of yoga types to sample or master. Classic Vinyasa,  Power Flow, Yin, Sacred Geometry Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Rocket Yoga, Hot 26 (Bikram-style), Sculpt, Yoga Nidra, and Kids Yoga.

About the owners

Mary’s Story

I was working out at a gym regularly with a personal trainer. She suggested I try Bikram yoga. After one class, I was hooked and never went back to the gym. I weighed well over 200 pounds when I began my Bikram practice in 2007.

At first it was very hard. But I practiced regularly, four times a week, and I began to see changes. I was a super-charged, type A personality at the beginning and didn’t want anything to do with a community. I had gone to the gym for exercise, and that’s why I was going to yoga. But I found after awhile that, not only was I losing weight steadily, but I felt different. I tried my best to use the 90-minute class as a “moving meditation”. Although my mind strayed a thousand times in the room, I just brought my focus back to the posture.

And I began to calm down. My blood pressure fell from a level that nearly brought me to medication to the lower end of normal. I started talking to people in the locker room and found I really liked them. They listened when I had struggles, and I supported them as well. Soon I knew the specific classes where I would see “my gals”, and I looked forward to those days. I lightened up, in yoga, in my body weight, and in my life. I felt I belonged at my studio. Teachers, staff, and students all knew me, and that felt great.

My life was changing significantly because of my yoga practice. I was mastering some of the postures, but in others I was still a novice. And it didn’t matter. The environment was caring, not competitive. We were all in the room to work on ourselves, not worry about whether others were better than we were.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This was a huge blow and at the time, I thought I would never again have a normal life. Postures that had been so easy for me were now impossible. I could not touch my toes. All my joints were swollen. I sat out many poses and felt like weeping. Coincidentally, someone else at the studio had been diagnosed at the same time with a similar condition. I had support. And I had wonderful teachers who told me to keep at it.

Over time, between being tenacious with my yoga practice and following the medical advice of my doctor, I healed. I still have many modifications to my postures that teachers helped me develop, so that I can practice safely and comfortably. Anyone who has had injury or illness can do yoga with expert teacher advice on how to do postures a little differently to support the needs of a specific situation. I am so glad I did not give up but rather, asked for help in how to continue my practice.

With the opening of Horizon Hot Yoga in Frisco, which offers so many styles of yoga, I have been able to try them all. Although Hot 26 is where I started, I now enjoy Restorative, Vinyasa in many styles, and Yin. More than 10 years after starting my practice, I have lost nearly 80 pounds, and I have to say I (mostly) wear my life like a loose garment. Although I may always be type A, I find I do not have to maintain such a tight control on everything. Our Frisco Yoga community in Horizon Hot Yoga is now my home. It is an honor and a privilege to practice as a student with each and every one of you. Horizon Hot Yoga is a community of people on a journey through life with yoga, exploring the depths of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We welcome you to a place of friendship and self-realization. Come discover your own horizon and let us support your journey.

“There is no ‘right or wrong’ yoga. All the styles of yoga meet the needs of students WHERE THEY ARE. Because we are always learning, as we try various kinds of yoga, and we grow with every new exploration, we wanted to open a studio where students could have one membership, and have multiple options.”
– Mary Von Ahnen, Horizon Hot Yoga Studio Co-owner

Mike’s story

For much of my adult life, I have had a regular exercise practice. For most of that time, I enjoyed my home stationary bike. I’m a war game buff, and I had a whole set up around my bike that allowed me to conquer various countries while I got in my cardiovascular workout. Mary started her yoga in 2007 and wanted me to try it, but honestly, I saw no need. I enjoyed the benefits of cycling. It fit my schedule and allowed me to pursue a fun hobby. I could see how the yoga was working in Mary’s life but didn’t necessarily think I needed what she was getting out of it.

About three years ago, however, I started having knee issues, and my biking was exacerbating the condition. I tried a brace but finally realized I needed to do something different. I told Mary I would give Bikram yoga a try with her. It was extremely challenging, more so than I had imagined. But I loved that challenge and could see pretty quickly why Mary stuck with it.

Many things happened for me in my first year of yoga. The chronic lower back pain that I had suffered with for much of my life disappeared. My knees stopped bothering me. I lost more than 40 pounds. And I developed a genuine passion for yoga exploration. I wanted to learn more about why yoga makes such a difference. And I was also intrigued with branching out from Bikram.

I took the opportunity when I travelled to try to find a yoga class to take so I could experience different teachers and studios. I always learned something (and picked up some pretty cool t-shirts!) Mary and I also went on our first yoga retreat in Mexico and loved it. Unlike previous vacations we had taken together, where we came back wishing we had exercised more and eaten less, this time we ate healthy food the entire week and deepened our yoga practiced. We decided from then on, our vacations would be built around yoga retreats.

Every chance I get, I learn more about various kinds of yoga. One of the reasons our studio offers Restorative yoga is that, during one of our retreats, I attended a multi-day seminar on the benefits and practices of this wonderful, healing yoga. We are so excited to be able to bring yogis from all over the country, and special seminars, to Horizon Hot Yoga so we can share with our students how exciting it is to learn new things about how to enrich our lives through yoga.

I have had a serious, dedicated practice for a long time now and, although my story is different than Mary’s, I have experienced profound changes in my life. I have been delighted to hear the stories of so many yoga students and teachers who have transformed their lives as well.

Horizon Hot Yoga is Mary’s and my dream. We are building our home and are so happy to share it with all of you. We feel it is our calling to promote this wonderful practice of yoga to as many people as we can reach.