Mary's Health Journey


Posted by: Sally Scott on October 14, 2018

Great work and open book honesty from Mary. This is real life which means ups and downs but…. you pick up, try again and keep plugging on the wellness journey. 

Mary mentioned the B3 bands which have been a game changer. I have been listening to many podcasts from different doctors on all the science behind them. I have personally seen results as well as my husband (his visceral fat numbers as well as fat and muscle). The bands can help in getting more resistance training into your routine in 1/2 the time. And… you don’t get all the dreaded soreness from using them. 

Resistance training is key in changing the muscle and shaping the body. We need muscle to kick up our metabolism, for bone density and making the entire body work at its peak. This doesn’t mean hours pumping iron with heavy weights.

TIP:💪🏼 start with light dumb bells.
Squats with bicep curls
Lunges with hammer curls
Hinges for triceps
Try for 5 rounds
30 seconds each exercise
FATIGUE the muscle!!
2-3 times a week. 

TIP:💪🏼 get yourself to yoga. Yoga is all around a full body practice.
Cardio, yes cardio!
Breathe work
Calming the mind
And…. Resistance, using your own body weight. 

We offer the full spectrum of yoga at Horizon. I promise you will find a class for your needs. 

Mary’s ice cream… keeping it real. I love that she has found her homemade yummy-ness for that urge. When there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way. There are so many great alternatives and actually good for your body options. Almond milk is a great example along with coconut milk. You want to find the ones low in sugar of course. REMEMBER no more than 9 grams per serving. 

And speaking of sugars… goes along with cutting down on those carbs ( which convert to sugar). 

Mary spoke about Keto eating which can be great for some. In my experience long term Keto is hard to obtain and can be hard on the body. I have found if you are eating HEALTHY carbs and limiting them you have more success. We need those healthy carbs. We need the energy from them.

Through the nutrition program we can determine how many carbs your body needs based on your weight, age and weekly exercise. Again great alternatives out there for us carb lovers (that’s me). 🥐🍕🥨🥖🍞 

TIP: if you love tortillas and tortilla chips take note.
Siete brand is for you.

Grain free chips that are delicious and low numbers in all the right places. Now don’t eat the whole bag.

Siete tortillas found in the frozen food section
Get the Cassava flour ones throw in a pan with coconut oil and they are perfect for tacos, wraps and breakfast tortillas.

I love sharing this blogging journey.

And I promise your health is so worth investing in.

Challenge yourself in making small changes and committing the time to invest in You. You are worth it.


Posted by:  Von Ahnen on October 14, 2018

Hey Yogi Family.  I’m updating you on my progress with my work with Sally on my eating and exercise plan.  i’m trying out some arm and leg bands  by B3.  (  I have never liked strength training, and the science behind these is that the bands restrict the blood flow very moderately to your muscles while you are wearing them, which increases muscle fatigue, making your strength training much more effective in a shorter time.  Sally and her husband Doug have seen phenomenal results from these bands, and Sally has actually worked with the doc who designed the science.  I am getting all my metrics (fat, muscle, weight, etc.) this Saturday, so we’ll see if it makes a difference for me.
Gotta say this last week has not been my best.  Big, stressful week at work, and have hit Braum’s ice cream a couple of times.  I’m preparing myself to see less progress than I have before, but I am forgiving myself.  I have committed to a lifetime of different eating, and there will be times when I take a couple of steps backward.  
For those of you trying to lower your carb intake, I have a great recipe book to recommend.  Keto in 28 by Michelle Hogan.  I am not actually fully adopting Keto…I can’t eat less than 20g of carbs and survive.  But this book has sure helped me lower carbs.  And for my son, who is pre-diabetic, I have found delightful main dishes, snacks and desserts to keep him on track.  I bought a small automatic ice cream freezer, and we have “ice cream” made with almond milk, cocoa powder or vanilla, stevia, and a little cream cheese or half and half for richness.  Delish!
And finally, eggs!!  I do a 14 hour daily intermittent fast, and I break that fast at 9:00 daily with two hard-boiled eggs.  This once maligned food is now on the “great for you” list.  Not only are they tasty, but they are portable and easy, and very filling.  Eggs also keep blood sugar balanced, so you will have fewer cravings, symptoms of low blood sugar (light-headedness, etc).  I highly recommend incorporating eggs into your breakfast.
Hope these tips are helpful.  It’s cathartic for me to write to you guys.  Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain the healthy weight you already have, good health is for everyone.  And if you are a yogi, you are obviously committed to it!!  
Have a great week.


Posted by: Sally Scott on October 7, 2018

Mary is rocking it! As a nutritionist it makes my heart so happy to Mary’s success and so extremely proud of her work. She is the perfect example of a busy life but putting her nutrition and wellness at the top of her list. As you can see making small, gradual and consistent changes can be HUGE!!!
Seeing her numbers change has also made her even more determined to keep going, it’s a journey y’all.

I became a yoga instructor because yoga truly changed my stress level and helped me with ongoing back pain. Yoga is for EVERY BODY and something you can do for life. It incorporates balance, flexibility and complete overall body strengthening without getting injured.
Try it out and get hooked sooner than later.

Tips to incorporate this week.....

SUGAR BUSTING, yes you can.

Busting the sugar cravings can be an on going struggle for most. It does take time and making small changes is key.
Some great spices to try adding to your diet can aid in keeping your blood sugar leveled out.
Cinnamon is #1 followed by nutmeg and cardamom. A dash in your coffee, yogurt or smoothies will do the trick. Adding a cinnamon supplement as an alternative.

Cutting down on caffeine and alcohol is a huge plus. These things dehydrate and deplete the body of minerals. Keep in mind moderation is key, in breaking the habit. Have your cup of joe, maybe trying decafe. ☕️

When trying to break habits journaling can truly help you out and make you aware of what’s going into your body.

Mary has taken time to journal. She has learned her ups and downs with her nutrition and exactly what she is putting into her body.

There are apps you can use but strongly encourage actually putting pen to paper. Visually seeing and writing down can really open your eyes to your everyday eating. I encourage you even just for 10 days to 2 weeks writing down what you eat, when you eat and how you feel.
Some foods, especially processed foods can make you feel tired and even bloat you.
Your body is a wonderful machine, take time to see how you feel!

Challenge yourself this week again to busting away those sugar bugs and incorporating journaling see the difference.

Posted by:  Von Ahnen on October 7, 2018

Hi favorite Yogi family.  I’m now in week 3 of my health and wellness journey with my expert nutrition coach, Sally Scott.  I have been doing her recommended strength training three times a week, hitting my exercise bike twice a week, and doing yoga on Saturdays.  (A note on yoga…in my 11 years of practicing yoga, I have had a serious practice of doing 4 or 5 classes a week.  I HIGHLY recommend this and can promise you that results are truly miraculous.  You will lose weight and inches, but that’s not even the best part.  You will gradually realize your stress level has dropped and even medical conditions resolve themselves.  As an example, I was borderline high blood pressure when I started my yoga journey, and within just 3 or 4 months of a several time a week practice, my blood pressure was on the LOW SIDE OF NORMAL!  My issue with yoga right now is logistics…I cannot make classes during the week given where I work or I would be doing TONS MORE YOGA.)


So here’s my great news!  My weight went from 170 to 167.6.  My fat % from 43.4 to 42, muscle % from 23.8 to 24.6 (Sally’s strength training regiment is paying off!!!), and my BMI is 27.4 down from 27.8.  It’s been a long time since I felt myself moving in the right direction!  And this positive momentum has required NO DRASTIC CHANGES!  Sally’s suggestions are maintainable for a lifetime, even with a corporate job, a yoga studio, and a 17 year old son at home.
I have a practical tip for you guys that was passed on by my one of our students, Leigh Street.  If you don’t have a lot of time to prepare food, get yourself an air fryer.  I recommend the Cuisinart.  It’s more expensive than some you can get, but I use the convection oven functionality some as well as air frying.  Grilled veggies in 8 minutes.  Fried chicken (I dip chicken breasts in eg and almond flower) in 30 minutes without oil.  Many other recipes.  Super great appliance for busy people who want to cook healthy at home.
My new regime is getting easier, and the results are very motivating.  Sally’s really opened my eyes to new ways of approaching weight and health management in my 50s!   I’ll be back in a week to report progress.  🙂


Posted by: Sally Scott on September 30, 2018

Let’s talk nutrition.  What does that mean to you? To me it’s all about the healthiest and cleanest foods to fuel my body! It’s baby steps, setting goals, and finding balance. Just something to get ya thinking.

I would say 90% of clients fight with the dreaded 🤬sugar/carb cravings and addictions. The struggle is real and takes time, oh and a lot of yoga classes, of course.

And sugar is my first and number one thing to cover.

YES, sugar is addictive and a hard habit to break but it can be done…baby steps.

Which brings me to Mary, who I’m blessed to call friend and help her with nutrition. She is really great at eating clean, lots of veggies, fish and chicken but…. she loves her ice cream. Mary is honest and so open with her sugar struggle, which makes my job much easier

Mary is so busy with a full time executive position, a wife, mother, and owner of the most amazing yoga studio around. So can you say crazy schedule and stressful at times? But she is determined to be healthy and put in the work.

Mary wanted some tips for sugar cravings to help her when that ice cream is calling. First off breaking addictions takes time, 21 days to break a habit. You will slip up and that’s ok.  It’s called life. Just pick yourself back up and try again.

First tip and so very important is staying hydrated.  That means good ole water. Not soda, not coffee, WATER. When a craving kicks in grab some water first. Our bodies love and need hydration, especially when working out.

Second tip (and I have many more I will be blogging about).  Make sure at meals to have a HEALTHY fat. Examples; avocado, nuts, coconut oil, or olive oil. These fats keep your blood glucose in check and keep you feeling full. Don’t be afraid of healthy fats. 😊

Mary has done a fantastic job of journaling, yes, actually writing down everything that goes in her mouth. It can be very eye opening and help you see places for improvement. It does take time writing it down but isn’t your health worth it?

Mary has opted for intermittent fasting and has added in resistance training 3xs a week. And…. drum roll please. Her fat is down and her muscle is up!! She is rocking this.

Challenge yourself and knock out some sugar!

Tip alert- read your labels. Good rule of thumb 👍no more than 9 grams of sugar per serving.


Posted by:  Von Ahnen on September 30, 2018

Holidays are coming, and I am not happy with the 20 extra pounds I’ve been carrying around.  I decided to engage the services of nutrition expert and yoga teacher extraordinaire Sally Scott.

Sally began my session by taking measurements of waist, hips, arms, etc., and using a very sophisticated scale that gives BMI, fat%, muscle%, and weight readings.  OK, full disclosure.  170 lbs, 43.4% fat, 23.8% muscle, and nearly 27.8 BMI.  I obviously have work to do.

Sally’s philosophy is great.  Small changes for lifetime health.  She doesn’t have me on a plan that will make me a size 6 by Thursday.  I’m doing 14 hour intermittent fasting daily (pretty easy once I got used to the early morning hunger pangs), and she built my nutrition plan around foods I love.  (Sally will explain intermittent fasting and the benefits in future posts.)

Her biggest tip for me:  Amp up the weights!  I really did no strength training prior to working with Sally.  And she didn’t let me get away with the 3 pounders.  I’m lifting 10 lb weights, using evil black bands for resistance, and squishing a ball between my thighs.  🙂

Oh yes, and she has me journaling my food.  I thought I had the clean eating thing down pat (with the occasional sugar binge).  Turns out a binge a bit more than I thought.  So the journal has been eye-opening.

I’m 53.  This journey to better health and a leaner and lighter me is not going to happen in a hot minute.  But I’m committed and after a couple of weeks, already feeling better.

Sally and I are going to work together on this blog to chronicle my progress.  She’s going to add tips along the way that have worked for her other clients, and I will also share stuff that helps me…how to avoid sugar cravings, healthy, easy recipes, how to motivate myself to put on that evil band when I just want to watch Netflix, etc.

We hope you enjoy the blog, learn a few tips, and maybe share a few laughs with me as I work to change some aspects of my life.  As we have two studio-wide challenges going on (see recent newsletter for Clean Eating Challenge and Yoga Challenge), we’ll have social media opportunities for you to share your health tips too!

This is what I love about our amazing yoga community.  I would NEVER feel comfortable sharing all this personal information with anyone but my fellow Horizon Hot Yogis.  But with you guys, I’m an open book!!!  And it will be a joy for me if I even help one person by sharing my struggles.

Check out our nutrition tab on the website to learn more about our nutrition program.